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Pax By Ploom Vaporizer Video & Review

by gusmaley on May 3, 2013, no comments

Pax Vaporizer

Ploom’s portable vaporizer for loose-leaf tobacco, or dry blends, is known as Pax and it’s no joke. Compact, available in 3 colors, quick heating time, battery powered, rechargeable, three temperature settings, and pretty good vapor is what’s up with it. There aren’t a lot of handheld vapes that can compete with this one. For the most part, the only one I really like more than this one is the Solo and that’s only because the vapor quality is a bit better and so is the battery. In terms of size, it’s this little Ploom vaporizer that’s actually smaller and seeing as we’re talking portables here, size is a significant factor. That’s one of the reasons why this easy to use vape is one of my favorites. I personally like it more than the DaVinci vaporizer but that’s just me. It’s smaller and easier to use in my opinion. Really, the one downside I’ve noticed to the Pax vaporizer is the fact that you need to clean and lubricate it pretty often. If you can keep up with the maintenance, it will work fine but if you don’t, well, just get a different one and save yourself the headache. All in all, for those who can keep up with cleaning and lubricating (yeah, there’s now a Pax lubricant), it’s really a nice vape.

If you’re just trying to find a vape that will fit in your pocket, that’s not the Magic Flight Launch Box, well then you have a good option right here. While I realize my video doesn’t explain a whole lot about the vape, I think I’ve covered a lot of the details in this quick little review. If you have any questions, I would suggest you direct them to Vape Forest using their contact page at because I’m not keen on replying to people over the internet. I think my reviews and videos should speak for themselves and if not, just hit up my pals over at because they seem to really enjoy communicating with those interested in vaporizing.

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You can read more about this interesting little gizmo over at and don’t forget to add your own rating if you’ve used it while you’re there. That does it for this Pax vaporizer review.

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