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Spring Is Coming And So Are New Vaporizers

by gusmaley on March 19, 2013, no comments

Pinnacle vaporizers just came out and are already for sale on Got Vape. They’re made by VaporBlunt, the same company who just released one of the craziest portable vaporizers I’ve ever seen, the Vapor Blunt 2.0 DLX (the one with the water filter). What’s interesting is that they now have yet ANOTHER water filtered vaporizer, the Pinnacle. While I wasn’t expecting this one to come out until Spring, it’s apparently arrived early or perhaps that was the expected release date; I don’t know for sure. All the same, it looks like Spring is still when the Ascent vaporizers are expected to debut and I’m anticipating a killer new portable vaporizer. If the Ascent is everything that they’re advertising — like the all glass vapor pathway, better battery life, and more compact design — it should be one of the portables to keep an eye on. 2013 vaporizers, what will we see? Hard to say but I’m expecting some serious innovation because this market is growing and maturing quickly. Won’t be long now before I’m wondering how they’re going to improve upon what’s here, but for now, there’s a lot of room for improvement in my opinion. Anyways, that’s about all for this quick blog update. If you like what I’m dropping here, share my site with your friends!

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