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New Trippy Stix Review On The VapeForest Site

by gusmaley on March 26, 2014, no comments

Trippy Stix

Trippy Stix Vape (Image Source: HMJ TV/YouTube)

Trippy Stix are vape pens and they’re pretty popular so it’s no surprise that Vape Forest has finally published a Trippy Stix review on their website. As far as I’m aware, these aren’t the same as the “Trippy Stick” or “Trippy Sticks.” These days, vaporizer pens are a dime a dozen and there’s plenty of vaporizers that don’t come off as exactly original.

The one spelled with an “X” (TrippyStix) is the one which was reviewed on and it’s marketed as the first non-cartridge pen vaporizer.

This is one of those easy to use vapes and they’re not crazily expensive, at least not by vaporizer standards. It’s all relative but a portable for less than $150 is basically cheap in my book. Compare to the $250+ range where you’ll find the Ascent, Pax, and Firefly.

The Stix apparently heat up in a handful of seconds and that’s fast by portable vape standards but not necessarily so by electronic cigarette standards.

This device somewhat competes with the likes of Grenco Science’s G Pens, as it’s also a portable pen designed to vaporize essential aromatherapy oils.

The company behind it has collaborated with the rapper 2 Chainz to release a gold colored model that’s known as the 2 Chainz Trippy Stix, according to a report on This signature edition model isn’t a new concept, as Grenco Science has been collaborating with hip-hop artists for a while now. They’ve even got a Snoop Dogg series of G Pen and Micro G-Pen vaporizers.

I can’t wait to test this one out for myself. I’ll update you when I get my hands on one and manage to review it. That’s it for now.

My Vape Reviews Were Featured On Vaporizer Wire

by gusmaley on March 22, 2014, no comments

Hey everyone, this is just a quick update in which I’ll gloat a little bit. I didn’t put a ton of time (obviously) into recording my vaporizer review videos that I uploaded to the Vaporizer2013 YouTube channel, but all the same, they’ve apparently attracted the attention of, a vaporizer news website, who shared a few of my videos on their site. I don’t know if they’ll share all of them but wouldn’t that be cool?

You can see some of the video reviews I did that Vaporizer Wire shared here:

There’s a mix of vape reviews from different places so you’ll have to look closely to see which ones are mine but I assure you that they are there!

Seeing as they showed me some love, I’m going to have to send some back by doing a quick review of their site. It looks good. Nice and clean with a cool looking logo. They appear to have come out in 2014 and they’ve quickly covered a lot of vaporizer news from the release of Snoop Dogg’s G Pen and his microG vapes to the Sky Cloud vaporizer’s fundraiser by KandyPens. They also appear to be collecting pictures explaining different aspects of vaporizers and vaporizing. Obviously, seeing as they’ve got my vape video reviews, they also have vaporizer reviews on their site.

Personally, I’ve never seen a site that was dedicating to vapor news like this one but from what I can tell, it’s pretty much one of a kind.

If you have any idea what vape I should try to review next, let me know!

Gizmodo Reviewed DaVinci’s Ascent

by gusmaley on January 17, 2014, no comments

Gizmodo's Carbon DaVinci Ascent

Carbon Ascent Vaporizer (Source: Gizmodo)

In recent vaporizer-news, published a review of the Ascent portable vaporizer by DaVinci ( and it looks like they got the new carbon model. If you didn’t know, DaVinci Vaporizers released a new color/pattern for their Ascent, the carbon-fiber looking one. This is just one of those portable vaporizer reviews that you have to read. It’s not the best review I’ve ever seen but it seems straight forward and honest to me and that’s what counts. It doesn’t matter if the author agrees or disagrees with me. What matters is that it’s their honest opinion. Honest vaporizer reviews aren’t as easy to come by as I would like and that’s part of the reason why I like having my own site (this one) to publish my own thoughts.

Back to Gizmodo’s review. The author compares Ascent to Pax and Firefly. All three are portable vaporizers. All three seem to be popular. One of the main differences is Ascent’s ability to vape liquids where the Firefly and Pax vaporizers aren’t really designed for it. Nice to see a big name like Gizmodo reviewing portables. Props guys.

Multiple User Desktop Vaporizer [Video]

by gusmaley on January 17, 2014, no comments

Vapir Rise is the most shareable desktop vape I’ve seen. It has a splitter that lets you connect 4 tubes. It’s been a long time coming (a multi-user vape). I’m glad there’s finally something out there that’s really designed to be shared. The loading chamber is big enough and the fan powerful enough to support the 4 tubes. If you don’t want to use all 4, there are valves to shut so you can plug the tubes you’re not using which is cool if you’re only with one or two other people. For whatever reason, the main tube in the center seems to work best. Not sure why this is but my testing says that this is the case. I don’t have a video for this myself, at least not just yet, but does and here it is. Their VapirRise review video that’s on up

To those that don’t know, this one also lets you use a bag. That’s not all, you ambient aromatherapy fans will be pleased to find that it can easily accommodate your needs. Bored? Switch it up. That’s what this is all about and it does it all in style with its digital temperature controls and bright blue screen.

Airports Where You Can Vaporize?

by gusmaley on January 17, 2014, no comments

I think it’s fair to assume that vaporizing aromatic blends in public is acceptable, however, you should always be courteous of others, but this isn’t about portable vaporizers, it’s about electronic cigarettes. E-cigs have been around for a little while now and it appears as if some airports actually allow patrons to use them inside of their terminals. Miami International Airport, as one of numerous examples, is one of those airports or at least was at the time USA Today Network reported on the matter, however, a representative of the airport apparently said that the policy is being reviewed.

So what’s the problem with using e-cigs indoors? I think the main problem is that there isn’t enough research available to determine whether or not it’s safe or not. After all, the FDA is tasked with protecting the general population from unsafe products, right?

I have to admit, when I was reading about all of this, I didn’t actually consult the USA Today story but rather I read this story on The Epoch Times.

For anyone wondering how the industry has been growing, the US Center for Disease Control said that this particular industry, that of electronic cigs, has been growing rapidly since their initial release.

How FDA Rules Could Impact Vaporizers

by gusmaley on January 17, 2014, no comments

Vape Cooking Picture

Vaporizer Cooking (Credit: VapeForest)

It seem as if a lot of people have mistaken vaporizers for electronic cigarettes and vice versa when they’re actually fairly different. I mean, vaporizers have legitimate applications beyond vaporizing tobacco and liquid nicotine blends. Just to give a couple of examples, you can use a vaporizer in aromatherapy and in culinary arts. Vaporizer cooking is a newer concept that you might not have heard of, but it’s been happening for a while. Surprised? I was when I first found out. The picture to the right that I snagged from Vape Forest’s blog ( explains more about this culinary arts phenomena. Back to these new rules proposed by the Food and Drug Administration.

So who is in favor of e-cigs and against the proposed regulations? Well, the makers of Blu e-cigarettes for one. Being one of the more popular brands, it’s no surprise that they’re against any new rules which would inhibit sales and/or diminish the popularity of e cigs. There are others, but more interesting might be who is lobbying in favor of these new regulations. I personally think that it’s likely that some of the big tobacco companies are lobbying against e-cigs for obvious reasons.

I’ve smoked cigarettes and I’ve used an e-cig. From my own personal experience, I concluded that e-cigs felt less harmful/damaging to my body. I could really feel the difference in my throat.

You can read more about these new rules pertaining to e cigs and potentially vaporizers over at All Voices. For everyone’s reference, I don’t review e cigs, just vaporizers and yes, there is a difference.

Incoming Vapes? Yup.

by gusmaley on January 17, 2014, no comments

Firefly just came out last month. Ascent not long before that. Somewhere around there, Snoop Dogg (yeah, the G himself) partnered with the Grenco Science guys and dropped his own G-Pen. Yeah, That’s pretty baller if you ask me. From rap to reggae and now vapes. The man knows what he’s doing. So what’s new? Well, it looks like the Vaporfection team that got bought up by Medbox might finally release their miVape. Those that remember would know that this thing was supposed to come out a really long time ago. When I say “a really long time ago,” this is in vape-years which are somewhat like dog years.

I’ve also seen some new pens that came out recently and at least one other pen vaporizer that has yet to come out.

It’s been a long time since the Volcano came out. Personally, I’m wondering when Storz & Bickel will release their first portable. I also wonder if it’ll be a forced air portable like the Puffit X. Here’s to the future of vaporization!

Vape Forest Releases New DaVinci Ascent Video Review

by gusmaley on January 17, 2014, no comments

Remember the first video review that the Vape Forest network published for the Ascent? If you didn’t, it was pretty funny because they didn’t quite understand how the device was pieced together. More or less, worth a laugh or two. Then again, their assessment was pretty spot on. I know because I’ve used it too. Now, back to the portable vaporizer news at hand. They actually have a new video. Can you believe that? They actually took the time to create and publish a new video on their YouTube channel so here it is!

The NEW Ascent Vaporizer Review from VapeForest:

Seems like the consensus remains the same, the Ascents are fly as hell.

Firefly Vape Review

by gusmaley on January 17, 2014, no comments

What’s up everyone? Finally got around to testing the Firefly vaporizer so here’s the review. At first, I was surprised at how heavy it was. I don’t think I’ve held a portable that was this heavy before. The thing feels beefy (strong). It’s basically a tank. It looks clean. Elegant, even. Looking at it, I was initially unsure of how to open it. The lid pries off, with a little more force than you might expect. The reason for this is the strong magnet that seals it. You’ve really got to give it a little oomph to get it open, but nothing your grandma couldn’t handle. Once you open the lid, you’ll notice some grooves leading to the mouthpiece. This is the stainless steel pathway which the vapor travels through. The area that you load your material into isn’t the biggest I’ve seen, but it’s a good size for the way the unit operates. For reference, this is made for dry blends and not liquids.

There’s a power switch on the side that turns the thing on but there’s another button to activate the heater. Once the heating element is on, the Firefly I tested heated up quick. Once I got it going and took my first draw, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the vapor. There wasn’t any noticeable distortion in the flavor and that’s always a good sign. That’s also what I’d expect from a handheld vape designed like this one because you can see the path the vapor travels and it’s all composed of materials that I’m personally comfortable vaporizing with. No plastics. The no-plastic rule is increasingly becoming a peeve of mine. That said, once I went for my second draw during the same vape session, the heat up time was really quick. While I do like the style, I’m still a bigger fan of the Ascent. That’s not to say that the Firefly isn’t a good one because it’s blatantly legit. My one qualm (beyond the heavy weight) is that the battery doesn’t last that long. It’s good for one to two hours and that’s not nearly as much time as I want before having to recharge it, but there’s a catch with this. If you don’t mind buying another battery, you can have a spare that’s ready to go and that effectively doubles the amount of time you get. This is pretty cool because swapping the battery is about as easy as swapping a cell phone battery (quick/painless).

Seeing as I don’t have a video, here’s one by that’s up on YouTube:

Do I recommend getting one? Sure, but only if you don’t want to vaporize liquids and don’t mind the weight. Otherwise, you know how I feel, Ascent all the way. If you’re pretty sure you want a Firefly or just want to see how much they’re selling for, you can get ‘em from this place.

On a side note, it’s 2014, which makes the name of our website (“Vaporizer 2013″) a bit silly but who really cares? That’s right, no one. To all of you reading this, I love you and you can expect to see some more updates here on my little website!

Best Vaporizer 2013 Will Witness Is For Sale

by gusmaley on November 8, 2013, no comments

Ascent Vaporizer

The Ascent above in the wood-grain print (one of three different prints currently available). Ascent vaporizers are made by DaVinci –

Having used way more vaporizers than most people, I can comfortably say that this new vaporizer that was released on the 1st of the month (11-1-2013) is probably one of the best vaporizers we’re going to see this year. This, of course, is my own personal opinion but I have been waiting for a vape like this for a while. There aren’t a lot of portables out that actually taste good and work well. This one has both of those factors on lock-down and that’s only part of the picture. It also has a long battery life compared to the typical handheld vaporizer that I’ve come across. With over 3 hours of battery life, you shouldn’t have any problems making it through the day, but if you do, you can rest assured that it can be plugged into the charger while it’s in use. There is supposed to be a car charger accessory but I’m not sure if it’s out yet. If you’re still wondering what this incredible vape is that I’m talking about, it’s the portable Ascent vaporizer by a company you might have heard of: DaVinci. DaVinci goes by another name and that’s Organicix LLC. Most people that know them, I’m assuming here, probably know them because of their DaVinci vaporizer. The Ascent might be related, but it’s essentially in a league of its own at this time. There are no other, at least not that I’m aware of, glass on glass portable vaporizers so the Ascent is the first of its kind and that’s not a feat that should be taken lightly because there’s a good chance this innovative design will set the standard for portables to come. Never before have I truly enjoyed a portable without any complaints. I literally have zero complaints. Sure, an even longer battery life would be better but as it is, it’s more than enough for me. I wouldn’t mind if it was smaller, but again, the size is not a problem, as it easily slides into any of my pockets. As far as I’m concerned, this thing is sweet and I would definitely recommend you consider it if you’re buying a new portable because there’s literally nothing else like it. At least not yet that is. Perhaps in the future some other vaporizer manufacturer will come up with something similar but until then, this is pretty much it. If you want a portable that vaporizes dry and liquid blends, has clean tasting vapor, is easy to clean, and consistent when it comes to the production of vapor, then check out the Ascent vaporizer.

If you’re still interested in learning more about this vapor-gizmo, you might want to take a look at the following videos. These videos were produced by the company behind it all, Organicix, and so they’re thorough as well as professional. Where didn’t necessarily do the best job with their initial Ascent review, DaVinci has reallly done well to fill in the gaps and patch up some misconceptions that may have been put forth as a result of Vape Forest’s video in which one of the glass pieces is wrongly inserted into the top of the mouthpiece (lol). Without further ado, here are the videos:

I’m going to tell you a little bit more about it since I have a moment to spare. Right now, it looks like it comes in three different colors which you might call different patterns. There’s a black one, a silver and crock-skin one, and a wood-grain one. Those are the three currently available designs but I’ve heard rumors of more colors in the works and the potential for custom designs. Who knows what will happen but that should spice things up a bit and I can’t wait to see what other designs they come out with, assuming they eventually do. Also, there have been rumors floating around regarding accessories so be on the lookout for some interesting attachments because if they’re anything like what I’ve heard, they’re really going to take the Ascent to the next level.

I could talk all day about this crazy pocket-sized vape but I’ll let you guys do the digging to see what you find. This is probably one of the coolest vapes that you’ll see this year but that’s just a guess. Who knows. Anything is possible, but if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, this just might be the one.

The video above was made by

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